Dry Eye Syndrome

Reasons for dry eye disorder include:

1.hormone substitution treatment


3.a few pharmaceuticals, including antihistamines, nasal decongestants, anticonception medication pills, and antidepressants


5.long haul contact lens wear

6.gazing at PCs for extended periods or not sufficiently squinting

Padmashree Vipin Buckshey Optometrist and Contact Lens Specialist was born at Gwalior on the 3rd of June 1955.Optometrist Vipin Buckshey had done schooling from the Frank Anthony Public School and passed out in 1974. After schooling Eye Specialist Vipin Buckshey joined the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for the Optometry course, which he qualified in the year 1977. From 1977 for five years he was the Ophthalmic Executive at Lawrence & Mayo, Delhi were a Contact Lens Division was started by him. Since 1982 till date ilasik specialist Vipin Buckshey has been on his own and has an international standard clinic by the name of Visual Aids Centre in the posh south extension part two market.Vipin Buckshey Clinic and outlet is the only facility in India were all three forms of Vision Correction i.e. Spectacles, Contact Lenses and the Lasik Excimer laser correction is offered under one roof.


One thought on “Dry Eye Syndrome

  1. My eyes were always giving problems that’s why I was getting problem in viewing. After reading this post it will helped me a lot. Thanks Vipin Buckshey for sharing this post. Now I knew why you get best reviews.


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