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Daily Eyes Exercises will be beneficial for better sight

We all know how important it is to keep our bodies fit by keeping active and maintaining a regular exercise routine. But, did you know that you can exercise your eyes as well? Eye exercises are designed to strengthen your eye muscles, improve focusing, eye movements, and stimulate the vision center of your brain. While there is no scientific proof that eye exercises will improve your eyesight, they may help to counteract existing eye problems you may have and maintain your current eyesight level.

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Talk to your optometrist about eye exercises. There is no clear scientific data that shows eye exercises improve your eyesight. So before you attempt eye exercises, it’s a good idea to get a professional eye exam done by your optometrist. Your optometrist can then tell you if you have any existing eye problems or issues. Before you try eye exercises, you should ask your optometrist if these exercises would benefit your particular set of eyes.

Palm your eyes.
Doing this will reduce stimuli to your eyes and brain. Closing your eyes and applying light pressure to them will spread the tear film in your eyes evenly and relax them.

Massage your eyes.
This will help to improve blood circulation around your eyes and face, and prepare your eyes for exercise.

Practice rhythmic eye movements.
These movements can help to strengthen your eyes and your hand eye coordination.

Do directional eye exercises.
Moving your eyes in different directions is a good way to exercise your eyes.

End your exercises with palming.
Always finish up either with palming to relax your eyes after your intense exercise session.

  • You can also end your eye workout by simply closing your eyes and keeping them shut in a dark, quiet room for several minutes. Let them cool down and rest.

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Eye Care

How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Your eyes are your windows to the world, so it’s important to take good care of them. Things like seeing an eye doctor regularly, getting enough sleep, and giving your eyes regular breaks while you are using a computer can help keep your eyes in good health. If you are having problems with your vision, you should schedule an appointment with an optometrist as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn about some of the things you can do to help keep your eyes in good shape.

Visit an eye care practitioner regularly. These are trained professionals who specialize in looking after the health of your eyes. They can be ophthalmologists (eye doctors), opticians or optometrists. To keep your eyes in good health, have your eyes checked regularly or when you are having problems with your vision. Learn more about your eyes and ask your eye doctor questions when you have them. Learning more about your eyes and how to prevent eye diseases will help you to feel more in control of your health.

  • If you don’t have any vision problems, you should visit an eye care practitioner every 5-10 years during your 20s and 30s.
  • Optometrist Vipin Buckshey says If you don’t have any vision problems, you should visit an eye care practitioner every 2-4 years between the ages of 40 and 65.
  • If you don’t have any vision problems, you should visit an eye care practitioner every 1-2 years after the age of 65.

Take your contacts out at the end of the day. Avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 19 hours. Wearing contact lenses for too long can cause permanent vision damage as well as extreme discomfort to your eyes.

  • Never sleep with your contact lenses in unless your doctor specifically instructs you to do so. Your eyes need regular supplies of oxygen, and lenses block the flow of oxygen to the eyes, especially during sleep, so doctors recommend a normal break from wearing contact lenses for your eyes during the night.
  • Optometrist Vipin Buckshey says Do not swim in contact lenses unless you are wearing tight fitting swimming goggles. It’s better to use prescription goggles if needed. It is fine to wear them in the shower providing you keep your eyes closed and avoid getting soap or shampoo in them.
  • Optometrist Vipin Buckshey says Always follow the instructions about using the contact lenses and the solutions from the manufacturer and your eye care practitioner. Also always wash your hands before handling them.